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Casting is one of Melissa's favorite aspects about preproduction. With a meticulous approach, Melissa auditioned more than 50 people for her short film, "Perfect", and more than 80 people for her thesis film, "Bigger". She spends a sufficient amount of time during the selection process with carefully constructed notes and analysis of each audition, with callback rounds afterwards.  Melissa additionally has extensive experience with the rehearsal process after casting, holding more than 5 rehearsals total for her thesis to provide for efficient directing on her shoot days.


Melissa has helped with casting guidance on other student and short films, being credited as the Casting Director of "What's It Gonna Be?" a short film directed by Adalia Rivera in October 2023, and most recently, the Casting Director of "I'm Looking for a Feeling", a film directed by Omar Garcia in February 2024. Contact Melissa for further interests and inquiries about casting, as well as for more samples of previous works and collaborations.

"Bigger" Thesis Film: "Meet the Cast" 

"Bigger" Thesis Film: Rehearsals

"Bigger" Thesis Film: The Cast in Character

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