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Melissa Morales (she/her), founder of Melissamcreates




Melissa Morales (she/her) is a Brooklyn, New York based multihyphenated award winning filmmaker and multimedia content creator, with emphasis on being a writer, director, and producer. She enjoys creating different types of content with works including short narrative films, poetry, mixed media, photography, and more. One of Melissa’s main passions is directing her own screenplays. She loves to create stories that center underrepresented voices and communities in the entertainment industry, often writing drama-centered scripts with sociological and psychological themes of identity, struggle, and/or the dismantling of gender stereotypes. 

Melissa is a current New Wave Member of NYWIFT, an Emerging Media Maker at NALIP, and a Latina, Puerto Rican first generation alum from CUNY Brooklyn College with a BA in Film Production, holding a magna cum laude GPA. Melissa has written, directed, & produced four short films as of 2022; her latest film, her thesis “Bigger”, was one of the top scoring films in the 41st Annual Brooklyn College Film Festival 2023 and voted as a Faculty Select Screening, where she was awarded the New York Women In Film & Television Emerging Female Filmmaker Award and gifted a NYWIFT Next Wave Membership. Her last two recent films have been selected in over 20 film festivals in NYC and internationally, and screened across various theaters in NYC with multiple wins, including NYIFA’s Best Student Director June 2023 for “Bigger” and NYIFA’s Best Horror Film & Best Cinematography January 2024 for “Perfect”.

Melissa has worn many different hats on film sets having been an Assistant Director, Producer, Script Supervisor, Production Designer, Production Manager, Production Assistant, Art Director, Set Dresser,  SFX Artist and Actress with work on over 25+ sets since 2022. Melissa has Preproduction [producing, casting, lookbooks, pitches, decks], Production [student thesis films & short films sets] & Postproduction [Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, CapCut] experience, acted in two of her short films, as well as years of creative writing [poetry, scriptwriting, short stories], editorial writing [newspapers, script coverage, reviews], content creation, art & creative direction, production design, prop creation, wardrobe & costuming, assistant directing, hair/makeup/sfx conception, administrative, event planning, branding, marketing, social media management, casting, web & graphic design and project management experience.


Her background consists of working with HollyShorts Film Festival, Young Hollywood, Alta Global Media, Our Boyfriend’s Productions, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. She was also the Vice-President of Stuck in the Library, a creative writing publication magazine, an Opinions-Editorial Staff Writer for the Vanguard Newspaper, a published writer for the Junction writing magazine, and the Secretary for the Brooklyn College Film Society during her time at Brooklyn College. Melissa additionally has Fashion, Photography, Performing Arts, Music and Entertainment interests. She is currently a Social Media Video Editor for FIRE Coaching LLC, recently worked with SoHo International Film Festival as a Support & Media Specialist for their 2023 Film Festival, and is working on some scripts that she plans to further develop in 2024 and 2025. She is also looking for more opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience in different areas of narrative, experimental, and documentary filmmaking, music videos, fashion shoots, campaigns, creative projects, commercials, television, writing, performing arts such as music, social media fields within the entertainment & media industry, as well as discover more interests.


'Melissamcreates' originated in the Summer of 2022 when Melissa decided to create a separate Instagram account for all her media-based content (films, teaser trailers, stills, writing, mixed media, photography & more) as an effective networking and collaborative tool to promote and market herself her senior year as a multimedia content creator at college and for her upcoming career, deciding on the handle 'Melissamcreates'.  She has now branded herself as such and expanded to other social media platforms including TikTok. After gaining proficient experience and knowledge working with various companies through internships, collaborating on film sets, and creating productions of her own, Melissa officially launched 'Melissamcreates' as an independent multimedia company. Melissa enjoys collaborating with creatives to bring their stories to life and offers various content with business services specializing in film production, art & creative direction, social media management, and more. If you’d like to learn more and/or collaborate and work with Melissa, please feel free to send a message and connect to inquire about rates and more information.


I'm always looking for new opportunities to work and collab with creatives. Let's connect!

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