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(July 2022)

“A self-obsessed beauty queen takes drastic measures after

losing a pageant competition, becoming cursed by the unimaginable” 

"Perfect" is the second passion project of Melissa's and third short film overall in 2022, an experimental psychological horror and drama short. This is her first film with hands-on full directing, and Melissa dedicated extensive time and precision during the casting process, auditioning over 50 actresses and discovered a new passion and joy for casting. For this film she had a specific look in terms of lighting and production design, where she thoroughly designed a bedroom including repainting walls and purchasing items to fit her overall story, as well as research on wardrobe, hair, makeup, SFX makeup, props, and home decor. Melissa additionally assisted with the creation of prop-making a life-sized Barbie doll box for the film to fulfill her vision.



 Sage Sedlaeck as "Samantha" 

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
Melissa Morales
Assistant Director
Bridge Squitire
Directors of Photography
Nyoman Cerrens Widhianta
Celeste Ortega

Harry 'Mydonsy' Huang'
Dante Fuller
Sound Mixer
David Reid
Boom Operator
Jorge Aguilar
Script Supervisor
Tiffany Zeng
SFX Makeup Artist
Melody Shannel Anthony 
Production Assistant
Albert Tsimal
Samer Chiaviello

Behind the Scenes Set Photos

(click around the shape!)

Official film "Perfect" written, directed, produced, edited by Melissa Morales


"Perfect" Current List of Awards and Recognitions

_Perfect_ Current List of Awards & Selections

Official Movie Poster for "Perfect" 

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