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(June 2022)

“Set in the 1960s, a devoted housewife, Sandra, takes her baking to volatile measures after she discovers something wicked going on in her home” 

"Honeypie" is the first passion project of Melissa's, an experimental thriller and drama 1960s timepiece short. 

She began to develop more knowledge of production design and set dressing at this time, with specific research into wardrobe, hair, makeup, props and home settings of the 1960s.  "Honeypie" is also Melissa's first production designer experience.


*This is currently a rough cut, potential to polish up in the future. Music courtesy of their respective owners*

Behind the Scenes Set Photos

(click around the shape!)

Melissa Morales as "Sandra" 
Lukas Páramo as "John"
Leanid Dudarau as "Charles"

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
Melissa Morales
Assistant Director
Omar Garcia
Director of Photography
Harry 'Mydonsy' Huang'
Camera Operator
Nyoman Cerrens Widhianta
Assistant Camera
Celeste Ortega
Dante Fuller
Tim Savin
Sound Mixer
Michael Suarez-Villao
Boom Operator
Albert Tsimal
Script Supervisor
Celeste Ortega
Makeup Artist
Tai Ortiz
Production Assistant
Tai Ortiz


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