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Linda  &  Luis

(April 2022)

“Linda must find a way to avoid the truth spilling out when a person from her past returns and things take a dark turn as she falls on a sweet yet sidetracked course” 

"Linda & Luis" is the first student film Melissa wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in, a multi-genre story consisting of rom-com, crime, drama and mystery for Brooklyn College's Film Director's Workshop class in 2022. 

She began to develop pre-production knowledge such as the casting process, table reads and rehearsals, lookbooks, shotlists, floor plans, call sheets, shooting schedules, location scouting, budgeting, and wardrobe & prop experience, production knowledge of collaborating with a crew on set, and postproduction knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro  during this experience, which was the first film Melissa ever worked on.


*This is currently a rough cut, potential to polish up in the future. Music courtesy of their respective owners*

Behind the Scenes Set Photos

(click around the shape!)

Melissa Morales as "Linda" and "Rebecca"
Lukas Páramo as "Luis"
Alejandro Buritica as "Ellis"
Giovanni Bojaca as "Mark"
Janae Anderson as "Carla"

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
Melissa Morales
Assistant Director
Emmanuel Polakoski
2nd Assistant Director
Christine Grobelny
Director of Photography
Tyler Gurdon
Assistant Camera
Nyoman Cerrens Widhianta
Harry 'Mydonsy' Huang'
Sound Mixer & Boom Operator
David Reid
Script Supervisor
Albert Tsimal
Production Assistant
Joelle Anderson


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